Threshold provides a suite of threshold cryptography products.

Threshold's flagship product tBTC is the first ever truly decentralized bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

tBTC launches in January 2023. Learn more about tBTC here.

Threshold Network is the first ever on-chain merge between two existing networks and communities, Keep and NuCypher.

Threshold DAO Contributors

Threshold Guilds
Threshold is governed by a DAO whose parts hold separate responsibilities that are embedded in the governance structure. The Threshold guild system is part of the Threshold DAO. Anyone can join a guild to earn and work together with other Threshold DAO members based on your interests and expertise.

Keep Team
The Keep team contributes to Threshold and builds privacy-focused infrastructure. They are the team behind tBTC, the only truly decentralized solution for Bitcoin on Ethereum. Learn more about tBTC here.

NuCypher Team
NuCypher brings privacy to the public blockchain. NuCypher's proxy re-encryption (PRE) network provides cryptographic access controls for distributed apps and protocols. Visit their website here.