Introducing the tBTC SDK Bounty Program

Introducing the tBTC SDK Bounty Program

Gorkem Bereket
Gorkem Bereket

We at the Threshold Network are thrilled to announce the tBTC SDK Bounty Program, following the launch of our tBTC SDK. This initiative is aimed at promoting and rewarding innovative uses of our SDK in developing applications that seamlessly integrate Bitcoin into blockchain projects, currently supporting Ethereum with plans to add more chains.

A Quick Recap of the tBTC SDK

Developed by the Keep Network team, the tBTC SDK is a TypeScript library that greatly facilitates the integration of Bitcoin into blockchain applications. Presently, it offers seamless compatibility with Ethereum, with plans to expand to Base, Solana, and other chains. The SDK provides an intuitive and adaptable solution for various blockchain environments, including Bitcoin and Ethereum mainnet or testnet. Its flexibility is key for developers who need a tool adaptable for different project requirements, from basic monitoring to advanced transactions.

Feature services such as deposits and redemptions tie directly to the key functionalities of the tBTC bridge, alongside shared libraries for Bitcoin and blockchain chain interactions. These aspects enhance the SDK, making it an invaluable asset for simplifying blockchain integration with a Bitcoin focus.

Introducing the Bounty Program

Building on the foundation laid by the tBTC SDK, our Bounty Program is designed to inspire developers to explore innovative applications of the SDK. The program is open to all builders, developers, and development teams eager to demonstrate the practical uses of the SDK in real-world scenarios.

Program Details and FAQ

* Rewards: The most inventive use case will receive $2,500, with $1,500 for the second-best and $1,000 for the third.

* Judging Criteria: Submissions will be evaluated for their innovation, practicality, and impact, as well as their alignment with the SDK’s capabilities.The judges will include Engin, the tTBC Head of Product; Lukasz, the tBTC Technical Lead; and Brian, the tBTC Head of Business Development.

* Submission Requirements: Functional prototypes that effectively utilize the SDK.

* Timeline: Submissions are open until March 8th.

Code of Conduct and Quality Standards

* Participation: While the program is open to all, including anonymous contributors, employees and the core development team of the Threshold Network are excluded.

* Quality Control: Submissions should be complete and well-executed, with the Threshold team reserving the right to determine and exclude poorly executed submissions.

Final Thoughts

This Bounty Program is an opportunity to engage with the tBTC SDK and highlight its utility in enhancing Bitcoin's role in the blockchain space.

For more details and to submit your project, visit our Discord Server or the submission page here.