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The Ultimate Meritocracy: A Fundamental Change in Employment


In the evolving landscape of the digital age, the transition from Web2 to Web3 signifies more than just a technological shift—it represents a fundamental change in how individuals approach work and value creation. While Web2 primarily centralizes content and power within the hands of a few platforms and corporations, Web3 champions decentralization, favoring peer-to-peer interactions and collaboration without intermediaries. 

One of the most striking shifts in the Web3 universe is the transformation of traditional employment paradigms. Gone are the days when one's worth was solely determined by a stamped degree or an employer's letterhead. Now, in the Web3 space, what truly matters is tangible contributions, your digital footprint, and how you add value to a project. It's here that the concept of "permissionless contributions" shines. 

Permissionless contributions pave the way for a world where anyone—irrespective of their academic background, professional experience, or societal standing—can contribute to a project and earn recognition. This ecosystem epitomizes the ultimate concept of meritocracy, signifying a fundamental change in employment where the quality of your work resonates more than any traditional resume could. This democratization not only levels the playing field but also gives individuals the chance to accumulate real-world experience and carve a niche for themselves in the Web3 realm. For those aspiring to make their mark in Web3 or adapt their careers to this burgeoning space, a track record of sincere, high-impact contributions could be the passport to success. Web3 doesn't require individuals to passively await opportunities; it empowers them to craft their paths, opening doors to a universe brimming with possibilities.

Why blend in when you can stand out? Do cool shit. Earn rewards.

Introducing the "Do Cool Shit" Permissionless Contributor Program for the Threshold DAO

Have you ever felt that surge of inspiration, seeing an opportunity and wanting to act upon it immediately? Now, you can seize that moment, make invaluable contributions to the Threshold DAO, and earn rewards in return. Let's dive deeper!

How Does It Work?

  1. See an Opportunity: Whenever you feel a creative spark, turn it into a contribution for the Threshold DAO.
  2. Submit Your Contribution: For each piece of content or project you create, simply submit it. Every contribution, regardless of size or type, is a step closer to a share of the monthly prize pool.
  3. Judging: A dedicated panel of community judges including @The_Colbosky, @Crypto_Socrates, @MrsThreshold, @carusoyay and @Pitunia11, will evaluate all submissions. Rest assured, a rigorous judging criteria matrix ensures that all entries maintain a standard of quality and provide value to Threshold.
  4. Get Rewarded: Share in the $5,000 monthly prize pool! Rewards will be distributed among qualifying entries, decided by our panel of judges.

What Qualifies as a Contribution?

The sky's the limit! Whether you're a meme genius, a tech guru, or a storytelling master, there's a space for you. You could:

  • Craft a catchy meme
  • Develop a dune dashboard
  • Engage your subscribers with a blog post
  • Produce an educational video
  • Create a tBTC or thUSD mint bot for X account
  • Compose an X (Twitter) thread or even just a post

All submissions should relate to the Threshold Network, tBTC, thUSD, or Threshold Access Control.

Timelines to Remember

  • Mark Your Calendars! Every month is a fresh canvas, starting on the 1st and culminating on the last day. Make it count!
  • Judging times can vary depending on monthly submissions, but we're committed to reviewing and distributing rewards within 14 days of the campaign's end.

Things to Note

This is a trial program, initially running for 3 months, overseen by the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee. To maintain integrity, if submissions don’t meet the required quality and relevance, the judges hold the right to distribute only part of, or even withhold, the entire prize pool. Their decisions are final.


To help you get started and give your best, here are some resources:

Join Us and Make Your Mark

In the digital tapestry of Web3, the essence of community stands out as its most vibrant thread. While traditional Web2 structures often revolve around centralized platforms and top-down interactions, Web3, sculpted by its grassroots movements and decentralized protocols, thrives on collective dialogue, unified passion, and the zeal of its participants. The community isn't merely a spectator; it's the driving force and the heartbeat of innovation and evolution in this space. It is the community that owns the future of Threshold, forges consensus, pushes boundaries, and champions adoption. 

As we help shape the narrative of Bitcoin, decentralized finance, threshold cryptography, and beyond, it becomes abundantly clear that the true might of Web3 isn't just in its trailblazing tech, but in the fervent communities that infuse it with spirit and purpose.

Whether you identify as a creator, shadowy super coder, wordsmith, or someone brimming with innovative ideas, the Threshold DAO eagerly awaits your unique touch. 

Together, we chart the future, one groundbreaking contribution at a time.

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