Threshold Network at Devconnect Istanbul

Threshold Network at Devconnect Istanbul

Gorkem Bereket
Gorkem Bereket

Devconnect Istanbul brought together a diverse array of builders, researchers, and enthusiasts from November 13th to 17th. The conference, known for its wide range of topics from beginner-friendly to expert discussions, provided a unique platform for collaboration and networking within the Ethereum community, alongside the chance to explore Istanbul's culture.


  • ZuConnect is a two week event with over 300 crypto and futurist enthusiasts, hosting workshops and co-working at the same venue every day.
  • Threshold attended and volunteered for a number of social activities within ZuConnect, participating in the community.
  • Threshold hosted several offsite networking events, which were very well attended by ZuConnect attendees.
Threshold volunteering at ZuConnect

Staking Summit

  • tBTC's booth became a prime spot, sparking interest in Bitcoin's staking liquidity.
  • Engin Erdogan, tBTC’s Head of Product, engaged in the "All Shades of Bitcoin Staking" panel.
  • Insights on Bitcoin staking's future and cross-chain potential, featuring Figment Capital, EigenLayer, and others.
Threshold Team at the Staking Summit

Zircuit Cafe Event

  • Hosted in a cafe, aligning with the Zircuit chain launch.
  • tBTC table was a hub for web3 and Bitcoin on EVM ecosystem discussions.
  • Facilitated direct participant engagement and knowledge sharing.

Scaling Bitcoin togETHer

  • Chainway and Sovereign Labs led this event focusing on Bitcoin's scalability.
  • Brian Mahoney highlighted tBTC's role in enhancing Bitcoin's liquidity and cross-chain utility.
  • Emphasized Bitcoin's diverse applications and tBTC's integral part in them.


  • The Anchor Event of DevConnect, this hackathon saw 2000 Attendees, 90 Countries, 48 Workshops and 427 Projects.
  • Threshold sponsored the hackathon and offered a $5000 USDC bounty for best use case built with any Threshold App.
  • 4 projects each won $1250 USD. Check them out here:

Big Fat Crypto Wedding: This project is tailor-made for couples preparing to tie the knot, offering a delightful mix of features for wedding preparations and guest interactions.
Secure Social Swap: Secure Social Swap allows users to monetize their web2.0 social credentials by buying and selling their accounts.
Hackvote!: A tool for hackathons which curates and ranks the hackathon projects by the hackers.
DOG: Uncollateralized micro credits protocol based on a credit scored built using ZK proofs of peoples on and off-chain reputation.


  • “Programmable Crypto”, a 2 day event with over 1000 attendees, focused on ZKs, Privacy, MPC, FHE and more
  • Arjun Hasard and James Campbel hosted a 45 min Workshop on TACo: Web3's Day One Decentralized Access Control Layer
Closing day of Programable Crypto


  • Devconnect Istanbul spotlighted Bitcoin's rising importance in Ethereum circles.
  • Discussions on EVM compatibility, sidechains, and staking showed a forward-looking trajectory.
  • tBTC's active participation marked it as a leader in this evolving space.
  • Developers building Web3 apps really understand the need for TACo: Decentralized end-to-end encryption tooling.
  • "Bitcoin wizard" themed merchandise was a big hit!..