Threshold at ETH Denver

Threshold at ETH Denver

John Packel
John Packel

The blockchain community is gearing up for ETHDenver 2023 - one of the most exciting events on the crypto calendar. We're thrilled to announce that Threshold is a proud sponsor of @EthereumDenver for the 6th year running, having previously sponsored the event as NuCypher and now as Threshold. We can't wait to reconnect with old friends and make new ones at this year's event.

A large contingent of the NuCypher and Keep contributor teams, as well as committee members from each of Threshold DAO's guilds, will be attending many events across both BUIDL week and the main event. Thesis CEO Matt Luongo will give a talk "The Permissionless Revolution: Decentralized Bridging with tBTC v2" at the Infrastructure + Scalability Stage on March 2nd from 4:00 - 4:20 PM MST. Add it to your ETHDenver calendar here.

We will have a sponsor booth (table C in Devtopia) where Threshold DAO members will be available throughout the event to chat about the project, help with our bounties (see below), give out a POAP - and promote tBTC: 5 people who mint tBTC will each win $500 (keep an eye on our Twitter for more details).

For you music fans (and who isn't?) NuCypher's blockchain bluegrass celeb Justin Holmes will be performing at The River on Saturday night with very special guests Jake Stargel, Cory Walker and Christian Ward (free reservations here), as well as headlining the ETHDenver closing ceremony on Sunday.


Of course, what would ETHDenver be without some bounties? We have several opportunities to learn and earn, with bounties totaling $9,000 USDC. See our ETHDenver 2023 Threshold bounties here. Highlights include:

1. Threshold tBTC activity notification bot:

#BUIDL a tBTC notification bot posting to either a) a Twitter handle or b) a channel in Threshold’s Discord.

One option beneficial to the Threshold community is to monitor tBTC’s smart contract and create notifications each time a deposit is minted or redeemed. It could also include useful stats such as total tBTC minted, total value locked (TVL), number of deposits, average length of time between mint and redemption, etc. Another option is to monitor our DAO contract and notify in a dedicated channel in discord of any proposal made to the DAO. It could also be queried to understand what proposals are currently being considered by the DAO.

Bounty: Up to $3,000

2. Create your best Threshold content ideas!

One option is to submit short-form content such as memes, art, GIFs, blogs, server stickers, emojis, hype video, an ELI5, a suggested Threshold mascot, etc. Extra points for including a Bufficorn.

Another option is a long-form content submission, such as an educational video; a detailed analysis of Bitcoin-to-Ethereum bridges or of Threshold’s technology (Threshold Access Control, thUSD, tBTC); or enhancements to our technical documentation.

Bounty: $1,000 for each winning submission (up to 5 winners)

3. Help us name our Conditions-Based Decryption product

“Conditions-Based Decryption” is the name of a technology but we want to solicit help coming up with a compelling product name.

In this video overview by NuCypher’s head of product you will hear Arj describe the need to name the product, as well as some of the name ideas already under consideration.

Successful submissions will provide one or more compelling name ideas for Threshold’s “Conditions-Based Decryption” - not including the examples given in the video. Submission should include a product name and a paragraph giving the rationale for the choice of name.

Bounty: $1,000

For more information on the submission requirements, judging criteria, and submission deadlines, check out the official Buidlathon prep guide on the ETHDenver website.


We are always eager to meet new buidlers, partners and other friends. Make sure to stop by our booth (table C in Devtopia) and pick up some awesome Threshold swag!

We're always looking for hackers, builders, marketers, meme'rs, Defi'ers, treasury managers, developers, and any potential new community members who want an exciting challenge to help grow the Threshold Network. Threshold is managed as a DAO with several guilds that propel the growth of the network, including the Marketing Guild, Integrations Guild, and Treasury Guild. These guilds help ensure clarity in the public regarding the network's mission, build relationships with other protocols and DAOs, and manage the DAO treasury, respectively.

Join the Threshold community on Discord

We'll be available throughout the event at our sponsor table or in the Threshold Discord, so don't hesitate to stop by and chat with us. We're excited to see you at ETHDenver and can't wait to explore the possibilities of threshold cryptography together!