Threshold DAO Call for Delegates
Threshold DAO Call for Delegates
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Threshold DAO Call for Delegates


We are pleased to announce…

The Threshold DAO is transitioning to onchain governance!

This represents a major milestone for our DAO, and will introduce several big changes to our governance system.

The rewards mint proposal will be the first Threshold proposal to be posted for voting through Governor Bravo.  

Delegate your vote weight

In the meantime, our community should continue to prepare for this transition. Threshold DAO proposals created through Governor Bravo can only be voted on with delegated liquid tokens and delegated staked tokens. All members of the Threshold DAO who have not yet delegated their token holder vote weight and/or staker vote weight should do so. Token Holders and Stakers can delegate their tokens to anyone, including themselves.

To delegate liquid token vote weight, follow this guide from our DAO’s Notion hub.

To delegate staked token vote weight, follow this guide from our DAO’s Notion hub.

Become a Delegate

In addition, the Threshold DAO is looking for Threshodlers and community leaders to step up and become delegates. So, we opened a call for delegates on the Threshold forum.

Being a delegate comes with responsibility. Delegates are expected to actively participate in all Threshold governance proposals, while making well researched and informed decisions. Essentially, becoming a delegate means that other people are trusting your ability to make solid on-chain decisions on their behalf for the entire network.

For more information on Threshold DAO delegates or if you are interested in becoming a Threshold DAO delegate, head over to the delegate thread on our governance forum below:

Threshold Forum Delegate Request.

This post was co-authored by Ben from the Threshold Marketing Guild.