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Why Thesis* is building Mezo BitcoinFi with tBTC


Welcome to a new frontier for bitcoin (BTC) holders with Mezo, a Bitcoin Finance (BitcoinFi) platform designed by Thesis* to enhance Bitcoin’s utility and create an unprecedented Bitcoin Economic Layer. By leveraging the strengths of tBTC and Acre, Mezo unlocks a whole new world for BTC holders. 

Why Mezo is Building BitcoinFi 

Bitcoin is renowned for offering freedom, privacy, and financial inclusion. However, its practical functionality remains limited. Explosive failures like that of BlockFi serve as a staunch reminder of the necessity for a robust, decentralized, and transparent financial ecosystem that truly serves the needs of bitcoin holders. Many projects aim to increase Bitcoin's utility, yet significant gaps persist. Mezo addresses these gaps by focusing on user needs, preserving Bitcoin’s key properties and creating useful Bitcoin applications.

The Bitcoin Economic Layer

Mezo focuses on the economic needs of BTC holders by creating the Bitcoin Economic Layer. Their approach focuses on wealth growth, community building, and productive use of BTC, all while ensuring user sovereignty, transparency, security, and decentralization. By addressing these core principles, Mezo aims to provide a comprehensive and accessible platform that empowers BTC holders to maximize the potential of their assets within a simple, robust and secure ecosystem. 

This world of BitcoinFi, brought to life by Mezo, creates a comprehensive financial ecosystem in which bitcoin is a store of value and a dynamic asset, powering a wide range of economic activities. Together, tBTC and Mezo make bitcoin "high-powered money" that serves as the reserve currency for a new, decentralized BTC-based financial system.

Bitcoin's transformation into a dynamic, yield-generating asset takes shape through 3 key pillars:

1️⃣ Threshold’s tBTC: the cross-chain coordination layer for BTC

2️⃣ Mezo: Infrastructure enabling a Bitcoin-focused DeFi ecosystem

3️⃣ Acre’s stBTC: Bitcoin-in, Bitcoin-out liquid staking platform

Here's a diagram of how these three pillars fit together to establish the foundation of BitcoinFi:

BitcoinFi Built on tBTC

Mezo is built on tBTC, which helps achieve Mezo’s vision of a decentralized and Bitcoin-first network. tBTC was built for this, and it will enable efficient and scalable decentralized BTC bridging to power Bitcoin’s Economic Layer. By building on tBTC, Mezo is not only providing a robust and secure solution for bitcoin holders but also fostering innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This choice reflects our shared vision of a decentralized financial system where bitcoin plays a central role as both a store of value and a means of economic activity.

Expanding Bitcoin’s Use Cases

Mezo envisions a world where Bitcoin’s decentralized economy is accessible for everything:

  • Transacting: Instantly receive payments for freelance work.
  • Community Projects: Fund local projects like playgrounds.
  • DeFi: Engage in trading commodity futures using bitcoin.
  • Gaming: Build a digital world where you and your friends fight off a zombie horde to keep your BTC cache safe.
  • Borrowing and Lending: Leverage your bitcoin as collateral to help finance your trip to the Bahamas.
  • NFTs: Expand your digital art collection.
  • Everyday Payments: Use BTC for daily expenses without selling it.

Built by Thesis* for Bitcoiners

Thesis*, the team behind Fold, tBTC, Mezo, Acre and other Bitcoin-related projects, aims to make value accessible to the Bitcoin community and beyond. With over 10 years of experience building on Bitcoin, Thesis* has leveraged their vast expertise to build Mezo as the user-friendly Bitcoin Economic Layer, enhancing bitcoin’s utility. 

thUSD Boosts your Mezo HODL Score

And don't forget that Threshold's stablecoin thUSD is one of the Bitcoin-backed stables you can deposit to Mezo for a HODL Score boost. Read about the Mezo thUSD launch and learn how to boost your Mezo HODL Score with thUSD

Join the Mezo Community

Join us in transforming Bitcoin’s utility and bringing a significant portion of the world’s economy on-chain with Mezo and tBTC. 

Join the Threshold & Mezo X Space on July 10th at 11 am ET for a casual fireside chat to learn more about Mezo.

Let’s go. Deposit tBTC and thUSD on Mezo. Grow your HODL score. Join Bitcoin’s first Economic Layer. Welcome to Mezo and BitcoinFi.